Professional Goals

Communities and Archives

As an archivist, it is important to work with communities and keep an open dialogue with community members. Libraries, archives, and museums have a history of colonialist and biased practices. We must address these systemic issues as we work to archive history accurately, respectfully, and humanely.

Continued Education

Education does not stop after obtaining degrees. In this website I'll include book recommendations and resources to help us learn more about our communities and histories. Support your local libraries and bookstores!

Education and Outreach

Archival information and historical facts must be taught in order to correct historical misinformation. I strive to be ensure that the information I obtain and preserve through my work is accessible to the community through presentations, writing, projects, and personal interactions.

Community Sourced Information

Archives, libraries, and museums have a long history of speaking for communities, often times leading to inaccuracies and biased narratives. I work with communities and mantain regular communication with individuals and groups in order to ensure that communities are telling their own stories. I embrace corrections and input every step of the way.


The Dallas Mexican-American Historical League

Established in 2008, the Dallas Mexican American Historical League (DMAHL) was awarded its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status on June 30, 2013 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about Mexican American history in Dallas, Texas.

Hola Tarrant County

Formed out of a desire to create a history of Latinas and Latinos in Tarrant County, the Historians Of Latino Americans (HOLA) aims to research, document, and archive our work and to share it with the community. Our hope is that this information will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of the role that Latinas and Latinos have played in the civil, educational, and cultural history of our county.

The Dallas County Historical Commission

The Dallas County Historical Commission, which consists of fifteen individuals appointed by the Dallas County Commissioners Court, serves as the County's primary advisory body on historic preservation matters. Its mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the historical resources of Dallas County for the education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of the County's residents. It is responsible for providing the first level of review for State historical marker requests, and it typically conducts two-to-three special projects per year. Staff support is provided by the County's Planning & Development department.